Monday, July 25, 2016


Well, I did it. It took down the old WORD WALL. I have debated this for years, and so last year I REALLY paid attention to the kids and their use of that prime real estate! Not much use... except when I would walk to the wall...point.. there it is... or tell them, "use your word wall." The amount of independent use was not impressive. I THINK I CAN DO BETTER. Years ago I made this Words for Writing Journal. I made it with two options... words already in a teaching font, and the dotted words. This year I am making the dotted word version of the book. As kids master their sight words, they will trace over their words and OWN THEM. This will become more interactive. They will keep their writing books in their writing folder to use when ......WRITING!!! I think this is going to be super. I can't wait to see how it works in action.

Find THE WORDS FOR WRITING JOURNAL in my TPT store. Easy to put together and super as a reference the kids can keep.

And then the same page in the dotted font. This can work dual purpose.....for writing and working on sight words. I love it!
Two options (Lined font & Dotted lined font)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My classroom library is getting ready. I have leveled and labeled all my books so my kids can independently choose the right-fit book. I do have my non-fiction in separate bins. I haven't gotten all of my chapter book series up yet, but it's coming along. I added the Chalkboard and Burlap READING banner. I hung it up on jute with cloths pins. I also made the EXPLORING banner since all of the tubs with the white lids are our manipulative exploring boxes. I still have a few labels to put on the bins. I made GUIDED READING LEVELED LABELS for the bins. This will make independent choice.... EASY!!! The kids individual book boxes are on the sitting bench by the back wall right now. No posters yet.. I know... a bit bland without the kids and their "special touches," but I'm pleased with how my room is coming together after the summer clean-up!!

DAILY 5 - Word Work (Drawer Labels)

Well, I have been working on getting my Word Work organized. Seamless. That's the goal. It's nice to have goals. Seamless almost never happens, but...... with having your Word Work drawers organized for the year, it's about as seamless as it gets... in 1st grade.... with kids that are 5 and 6! Anyway, I now have everything in place and a place for everything... WORD WORK anyway... I have my drawers all labeled. Check out the different options I have. I'm going with the BURLAP, CHALKBOARD, AND LIME GREEN labels theme this year. Matches most of my classroom. Anyway, the drawers are labeled and ready for the little kiddos to EXPLORE!! I also made the BURLAP, CHALKBOARD, and WHITE labels.

These labels are attached to the 3 drawer Sterilite drawers. I printed them on the full page Avery 5265 shipping labels and cut them black lines, and WOLLA!!! The perfect set-up for the kids to be independently choosing their Word Work options.

I also have white labels with white writing and white labels with black writing.