Thursday, March 31, 2016

Decoding Strategies Posters!

I made these decoding strategies posters to go with my classroom and just what I wanted my students to see/hear. I also made the bookmarks and coloring pages to match. I like to give my kids a coloring page as I introduce each of the decoding strategies. It helps them connect with how they should actually attack their unknown words. They LOVE them. I even have coloring contests with the introduction of each new decoding strategy. I hang each of these posters as the decoding strategies are introduced. I also have all of the corresponding Ty Beanie babies that I put on our Guided Reading table as we are working with instructional level reading. The kids really connect with the posters, coloring pages, bookmarks and stuffed animals. 
Included are:

Lips the Fish
Eagle Eye
Stretchy Snake
Flippy the Dolphin
Skippy Frog
Listening Lion
Chunky Monkey
and Helpful Kangaroo

Check them out HERE!

It's About Time!

I have a ton of different activities to help my kiddos practice time. One activity they love is to "solve" these task cards. You can give your students the recording sheet and let them go, or you can play a game of scoot. My kids love both ways, but scoot gets them up and moving. There are 24 cards covering both hour and half hour increments. Download them HERE!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Additions to Daily 5

I have created a few more WORD WORK options for my Daily 5 Word Work packet. I now have 4 and 5 Way Words, a second option for Graphing Words, another option for Rainbow words, more options for swirl words, a Word Sentences page, and seven options for the bingo card - including blank grids where you can add your own options. Check out the bundle. There are now 15 different options and 9 bingo card options. Just add your words of the week / spelling words / phonics focus words (Whatever you call them) and GO!! This bundle will get you through the ENTIRE YEAR. BAM! DONE! Print and Go! Check it out here: WORD WORK BUNDLE