Thursday, March 31, 2016

Decoding Strategies Posters!

I made these decoding strategies posters to go with my classroom and just what I wanted my students to see/hear. I also made the bookmarks and coloring pages to match. I like to give my kids a coloring page as I introduce each of the decoding strategies. It helps them connect with how they should actually attack their unknown words. They LOVE them. I even have coloring contests with the introduction of each new decoding strategy. I hang each of these posters as the decoding strategies are introduced. I also have all of the corresponding Ty Beanie babies that I put on our Guided Reading table as we are working with instructional level reading. The kids really connect with the posters, coloring pages, bookmarks and stuffed animals. 
Included are:

Lips the Fish
Eagle Eye
Stretchy Snake
Flippy the Dolphin
Skippy Frog
Listening Lion
Chunky Monkey
and Helpful Kangaroo

Check them out HERE!

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