Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cupid's Arrow Launch!

Cupid's Arrow Launch ----> ROCKED!! One of the many (Minute-To-Win-It ) games we played for our Valentine's Day party was "Cupid's Arrow Launch." Here is how it went. Goggles for safety. Of course. Straws. For the LAUNCH!! Air. From our awesome lungs, and Q-tip..(500 of them) for the ARROWS!! Just visualize...a class full of first graders (Many spirited moms, dads, and even siblings) with straws loaded with a "LOVE ARROWA." The game was for each of the two teams to LAUNCH as many arrows into their team's bucket as possible in 1 minute. BAM! GO! It's like spit-wads. Holy Cow, who doesn't remember those from our childhoods? Horrible little things, right? Well, this was a FANTASTIC.....altered version of spit-balls. So... Ready. Set. Go! And they were BLASTING these arrows through the air - mostly toward a bucket...Goggles for safety... of course... laughter, rushing to reload our straws, chaos, hollering, miss-shots, and giggles....STOP! And we found a winner... of that round...

OK. Now comes the real fun. This is when I told the kids that my little "CUPIDS" were ready for their "Real" MISSION....Spread the love. To OTHER CLASSES. YES!  Permission from teachers of unsuspecting students. And we ready our army. Line up... and RUN.. we did. Don't tell. Run. Down the halls. We bombarded two third grade classes and two first grade classes. Our kids laughed their heads off. Well, not OFF. Some kids laughed so hard they even "made tears." True story. Enjoy the pictures. I am sure my parents felt the increased CrAzzzINesS when their sweet Cherub went home. I loved it. They loved it. We WORK so HARD. Sometimes it's important to PLAY HARD too! Thanks for letting me share some of my childish personality with you. And my class. Ok, A - LOT of childishness. Thanks. WHEW..Now resting!

My fun-loving parents are always "game" for my CrAziNeSs
Practicing our "Cupid" skills

I'm sure I was instructing the kiddos on "running" down the hall. I don't know. Hideous picture. Oh well. 

Sacrificed my own eyesight so all kids had goggles. It's O.K. I wasn't scared. I wear make-up. I have had MANY Q-tips near my eyes. All good. Eyes still intact!

Lined up and almost ready to RUN down the hall

Most pictures of classrooms are from our last visit. It was difficult to capture evidence of such a raid!

Discussing our VICTORIES!!


and... BAM!!

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