Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Teacher thought of the day!

My reflection today brings me back to some of my first years working at a school. I was exposed to so many children whose circumstances broke my heart. I felt this insatiable need to go out and help every child I knew was hurting. I wanted to “fix” their lives. I knew this approach was unrealistic, and not possible. This was exhausting, and would rob me of all the gifts I could impart onto a child. I could not change a child’s circumstance, and I could not let the unfair hand a child had been dealt consume me. Instead, I decided to focus on what difference I could make. What I have been called to do is make a difference in today.  Like you, I have been given a window of time with each of my students. I (you) choose what to make of that window. Every day I ask for guidance and support to help make each child’s time at school the best, safest, most loving and caring part of their day. And then maybe, just maybe, that love and kindness will help sustain them through some of the other hardships in their life. I strive to show students kindness, and caring, and love so they look forward to their time at school.

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