Friday, June 5, 2015

June 4, 2015

Well, the end of the year has come. I (like many, many teachers) am filled with bittersweet emotions. As our year was coming to a close, I sent my last (heartfelt) letter to my parents. The intent of this letter was to thank them for a fantastic year with their child. I expressed my gratitude in the ability to share a little bit of their lives. With my own boys off to college, I know there is really never any "going back." My time with these first graders is OVER as we have know it. It was a WONDERFUL year, and my heart aches knowing they too (like my boys) normally, and naturally... move on!! I closed my letter expressing to the parents that I hoped all we had done during the year was enough. I hoped they knew the deep feeling of being cared for, loved. I hoped the lessons taught were solid and would help lay the proper foundation for their educational years. I hoped they enjoyed their year and would possibly come back (if even for a short visit or much needed familiar hug.) I hoped our year had been enough. I was beyond touched to find a framed picture given to my by some of the students in my class on the last day of school. Although I promise every year that I won't, I cried. For me, that silly promise is almost like a New Year's resolution: I make it darn well knowing I will not likely keep it :)

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